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BASFA meeting for Oct 15 - The Rumor of the Now.

melcharOct. 17th, 2012 06:11 pm BASFA meeting for Oct 15

Meeting 1159
October 15, 2012

Trey Haddad, President
Chris Garcia, Vice President
Dave Gallaher, Treasurer
Galen Tripp, Sergeant at Arms
Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Secretary
held at Coco's, 1206 Oakmead Parkway (Lawrence Expressway/101 Fwy), Sunnyvale

Began at 8pm with us being the most interesting club on Earth
24 people attended

A party jar was established

The minutes of meeting 1158 were accepted as 'awesome'

there was no Treasurer or report

The VP reported that there is a new 'Drink Tank' out with a Mo Starkey cover & the deadline for the 'James Bond' issue of 'Journey Planet' is Nov 1

The President had nothing fannish to report

The AdHoc Outing Committee reported the Retrodome is showing 'Ghostbusters' this weekend and that
they'll do an outing for the 7pm Friday showing

Sarah announced that the Winchester Mystery House Fight Night tours will be on Thursday thru

Sunday both this and next week for $45

Adrienne announced that Dublin won the bed for the 2014 Eurocon & she has changed her rservations at the Hampton Court Palace in Surrey - contact her if interested - & announced that there'll be a seance on Oct 28 at the Old Spegetti Factory for $46

JC announced that his daughter's team, the Lady Earthquakes are now 4-0-1 [they tied this week] & announced that the 3rd Nerdvana podcast is online now [check nerdvanapodcast.com]

Lisa announced that Convolusion is coming up the 1st weekend in November - check

Chris announced that the Giants won & he'll be doing a podcast from Convolution

Ken announced that longtime producer for KTEH, Christine Lind, had died

Fred reviewed 'The Bteer Angels of Our Nature' by Steven Pinker as really good & reviewed 'Thinking Fast & Slow' by Daniel Kahneman as one of the best books he's ever read & reviewed Mamet's play 'Race' as a play that makes you think

Dave C reviewed 'Argo' as suspenseful & he liked it & it's fun - worth full price - while JC says there's a documentary about the events of the film that is very good

Chris reviewed 'OSS 177: Cairo: Nest of Spies' as a lot of fun & a send up of the spy genre - worth full price - then reviewed crock pot cooking as the chicken is not longer your friend when the power gets shut off midway thru cooking & reviewed 'Shh, it's a Secret' by Dan Kimmel as humorous & fun & should be made into a movie

JC reviewed 'Batman, the Dark Knight Returns, part 1' as animated & worth full price - especially on Blueray

Diane reviewed 'A Red Sun Also Rises' by Hodder as interesting & a slog - worth library - & reviewed 'The Lazarus Machine' by Crilley as a breeze to get through, worth full price

Brad reviewed seeing Obama at the Bill Clinton theatre as exciting & reviewed seeing a re-release of 'Gone with the Wind' as the big screen presents the film well & it's well worth seeing

Mo reviewed the 'Alternative Press Expo' as it's gotten big & she saw lots of friends she knows there & the art was excellent & she reviewed a hidden object game - 'Mystery Case Files - Dire Grove' as she recommends it

Sarah reviewed 'Looper' as very good - worth full price & then reviewed 'Cloud Atlas' as recommended and going to be a movie soon

We did auctions
we adjourned at 9:08 pm
and the rumor of the week was: 'Which 'C' word?'

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Date:October 18th, 2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
Love the typo 'The Bteer Angels of Our Nature', which I parsed as 'The Beer Angels of Our Nature' :-)

The woman playing Sarah Winchester for the Winchester House hauntings is my long-time Santa Clara Players friend Sarah Kishler. She says the crew doesn't know her real name, so they just call her Sarah.