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Hugo Awards Recommendations Key - The Rumor of the Now.

kevin_standleeMar. 9th, 2014 03:35 pm Hugo Awards Recommendations Key

Here is the current list of people who have made recommendations for the BASFA's Hugo Awards Recommendations list in the past several years. The actual recommendations by category are posted in hugo_recommend, so if you haven't already done so, you probably should join/watch that community if you're interested in seeing the lists.

Names are listed alphabetically by the initials by which they are identified. There are people in this list who made no recommendations this year, because we started with last year's list.

AJF:Adrienne Foster
ATT:Andy Trembley
BAV:Beth Vallacqua
BJH:Barbara Johnson-Haddad
BL:Bradford Lyau
CAD:Christine Doyle
CES:Chuck Serface
CED:Chris Duval
CIP:Carole Parker
CJG:Chris Garcia
CMM:Cheryl Morgan
CMO:Christina O'Halloran
CS:Cindy Scott
DB:Debbie Bretschneider
DC:David W. Clark
DL:Don Lindsay
DNO:Diane Osborne
DSM:Deirdre Saoirse Moen
DWG:Dave Gallaher
EL:Eric Larson
ERS:Edwin R. Stokke
FCM:Fred C. Moulton
GG:Gordon Garb
GMG:Glenn Glazer
GN:Gerald Nordley
HS:Howard Stateman
HW:Henry Welch
JB:Jason C. Brand
JCV:JC Vallacqua
JED:Mike Miyake
JEM:Jerry Majors-Patterson
JGS:Joshua G. Schisser
JLT:Jim L. Terman
JNR:John Roth
JOH:John O'Halloran
JR:Judith Richardson
JSP:Julie Porter
JW:Josh Wilson
KAS:Kevin Standlee
KG:Kelly Green
KP:Ken Patterson
KSD:Kathy Duval
KSD:Kathy Duval
LDH:Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
LRW:Letha Welch
MAS:Merv Staton
MM:Michael McLaughlin
MMY:Mike Miyake
MS:Meru Staor
MYS:Maurine Y. Starkey
RAB:Ric Bretschneider
RH:Bob Hole
RM:Rick Moen
SM:Stacy Meyn
SM:Stacy Meyn
SN:Stephan Nelson
SP:Sarah Pugliaresi
SS:Spring Schoenhuth
TDL:Dann Lopez
TH:Trey Haddad
TWB:Tom Becker
WJL:Bill Laubenheimer
YU:Yochanan Urias

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