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April 28 BASFA minutes - The Rumor of the Now.

melcharMay. 5th, 2014 06:39 pm April 28 BASFA minutes

Meeting 1239
April 28, 2014

Trey Haddad, President
Chris Garcia, Vice President
Dave Gallaher, Treasurer
Galen Tripp, Sergeant at Arms
Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Secretary
held at Coco's, 1206 Oakmead Parkway (Lawrence Expressway/101 Fwy), Sunnyvale

Began at 8 - with a cry of 'bazinga'
26 people attended

A party recepticle was established

The minutes of meeting 1238 were accepted as 'legend, not canon'

The Treasurer reported that last week we took in $3.25 in the regular jar and $10.50 in the party jar

There was no Vice President

The President had nothing fannish to report - but we did say 'hi' to Jay, visiting us for the 1st time - although he has always been here

The Party Committee still needs a Baycon party host, otherwise there will be no BASFA party there & he wants to find

others to host parties at FurCon, so the room can be used every day of the con, since the party room rules have changed -

plus the BASFA party at BronyCon went well - a good time was had by all & many BASFA ribbons were handed out

Ken announced that KFJC's month of Mayhem is upon us & on May the 5th he will be doing his Music of the Cosmos program from 2pm to 6pm on 89.7 FM & he has 5 mailers to hand out if anyone is interested

Jc announced that Nerdvana podcast will be at SLG Publishing Saturday, May 3rd noon - 5pm on Free Comic Book Day and that he needs sewing help

Adrienne announced that Paul McCartney will play in Candlestick before they tear the place down and that the date conflicts with Worldcon

Dave C announced that he brought auction items and that Other Change of Hobbit is moving again

Beth announced that Kaitlin's theatre group is performing 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' May 31, 7pm & June 1, 3pm [the only dates that matter] at Hoover Theatre, SJ

John O announced that Costume Con 32 happened last weekend & Costume Con 35 had Toronto win the bid & announced that Craig Ferguson will be leaving the Late, Late Show at the end of the year & announced that he is once again employed

Howeird announced that Blind Lemming Chiffon is selling SF collectable books on Ebay under 'benefiche' to raise money to go to Worldcon

Bradley reviewed the Overstreet Price Guide as it will have a great Batman cover and a crappy Vampirella one

Chris O reviewed trying to get a hotel room at Gallifrey [many moans] as extremely nerve-wracking and she didn't get to stay at the Marriott; lots of follow ons

John O reviewed 'Divergent' as the theatre was packed & it was worth high matinee & reviewed 'Juan de la Muerta' as a highly recommended zombie comedy set in Cuba - subtitled - available on HBO go

Adrienne reviewed an evil website - jetpunk.com - as a great time sink & reviewed the 2nd episode of 'Orphan Black' as 'oh wow!'

Dave G reviewed Norwescon as heavily attended, mostly well-organized and a good time was had by all

Dave C reviewed Norwescon as that he spent most of his time in the Dealer's room, sales were good & he had a peculiar time and that a pamphlet 'How to Talk to your Cat about Gun Safety' was his best seller

JC reviewed 'Frozen' as nice, albeit sung-along with by all 3 gals in his house & reviewed 'Elysium' as very reminiscent of 'District 9' and recommended

Josh reviewed Impact Cinemas in Berkeley as they have 'Splatter Cinema' for $6 for really bad horror movies and a very fun event - check = http://www.impacttheatre.com/splattercinema/index.php

Trey reviewed 'Metal Hurlant' on skiffy channel as very 'heavy Metal' inspired and recommended

Diane reviewed sonic.net's fusion of internet and VOIP as she's enjoying it

Howeird reviewed 'Little Shop of Horrors' as closing out with packed houses

we did auctions

we adjourned at 9:35

and the rumor of the week was: 'the pipes, the pipes are calling'

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Date:May 6th, 2014 04:59 am (UTC)
GODSPAWN and SOUL SURVIVOR are out on Kindle and Nook.

I tried to send everybody notice via email if you wanted review copies, but got shut down.