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BASFA minutes for May 12 - The Rumor of the Now.

melcharMay. 19th, 2014 04:38 pm BASFA minutes for May 12

Meeting 1241
May 12, 2014

Trey Haddad, President
Chris Garcia, Vice President
Dave Gallaher, Treasurer
Galen Tripp, Sergeant at Arms
Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Secretary
held at Coco's, 1206 Oakmead Parkway (Lawrence Expressway/101 Fwy), Sunnyvale

Began at 8 - with sweet, creamy butter
19 people attended

A party jar was established

The minutes of meeting 1240 were not here

The Treasurer reported that we had money

There was a Vice President - but then he ran away

The President had nothing fannish to report

The Party Committee wants to host a BASFA FurCon party - but needs to find 2 others to host parties at FurCon, so the room can be used every day of the con - plus there will be no BayCon BASFA party a

Andy announced that Nebula Awards weekend is this weekend

John O announced that Maker's Faire is this weekend and get the 2-day pass - plus Mo recommends taking the train to it & announced that there will be a Big Wow comics 'convention' at the SJ convention center this weekend

Lisa announced that JC got thru his surgery just fine & ironic weather conditions

Chris O announced that BayCon is in 2 weeks & there will be a 8pm Sunday Taiko performance, followed by a hot-to play the drums

Adrienne announced that there is a Printer's faire this Saturday at the SJ History park & it's her birthday

Josh announced that he has a new job in costume construction for 'Love is Queer'

Andy reviewed Costume Con in Toronto as having fairly high attendence, it was great and amazingly good & worth going to Toronto for; apparently Montreal is a hot-bed for mead brewing; then reviewed Demi-Con in DesMoines where he and Kevin were Fan GoHs as they had a good time & flew back on Frontier Airlines [evil Kevin stated 'never again'] & their tickets cost twice what they should have and he mostly hates them & reviewed the Eurovision party was good

Yochanan reviewed 'Transcendence' as barely worth spending matinee for & was disappointing, reviewed 'Divergence' as face-paced and fun & reviewed 'Spiderman 2' as not great but still good

Josh reviewed the Gibralter International airport as terrifying & reviewed a game builder's event at Game Castle, play-testing games - as total blast

Dave C reviewed an article about Godzilla at deepseanews.com as thought-provoking

Adrienne reviewed 'Orphan Black' as the acting is amazing and Felix is still her favorite character

Diane reviewed JC's midlife party as it was a blast

Mo reviewed the 'Penny Dreadful' pilot as bloody, naked and kind of obvious

we did auctions

we adjourned at 9:40

and the rumor of the week was: 'with enough beards, BASFA will rise like the Phoenix'

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Date:May 21st, 2014 12:27 am (UTC)
review: 'The Wind Rises' rocks even more than the usual Miyzaki (so far as there such a thing). If you have ever loved Japan, flying machines, a slide rule, a tragic love story, or Japan, this will make you cry, and glad of it.