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Happy Halloween - The Rumor of the Now.

kevin_standleeOct. 31st, 2006 01:06 pm Happy Halloween

Some BASFA members elected to celebrate the October 30 meeting of BASFA by coming in costume. Our regular venue, the Original Hick'ry Pit, played a trick on us by booking our regular meeting space out from under us.

Having been banished from the meeting room, we were obliged to meet out in the regular seating area, somewhat to the consternation of the restaurant's regular patrons, and certainly to that of the people using the meeting room, who, not being regular user of the space, hadn't quite mastered the trick of securing the sliding door shut to seal off the meeting area. We managed to fit into the booths as best as we could:

WSFS Captain Kevin Standlee was unable to intercede on our behalf, but tried to cut a fine figure anyway:

During the meeting, infamous Space Pirate Queen Cheryl Morgan, fresh from the wilds of Darkest Somerset, reported on the Bridgwater Carnival, celebrating the well-known terrorist Guido Fawkes.

You can't see it in these photos, but the newspaper cutting Cheryl is holding shows photos of the many people in costume for the event. It looks like Bridgwater makes a serious dent in the UK's supply of anime-bob pink and blonde wigs.

After the usual silliness, we turned to the serious business of Auctions. We made a small dent in the vast pile of the Emerald City book surplus, then Treasurer David Gallaher auctioned Halloween Birthday Girl Barbara Johnson-Haddad, who was obviously in mourning for another year having passed. Lynn Gold watched the proceedings, possibly wondering what possessed her to attend this particular BASFA meeting.

Having been suitably sold for the benefit of the club, Barbara posed for more pictures as the meeting broke up.

Ed Stokke also was in costume, dressed as the Conductor of "That Hell-Bound Train," but he arrived late and left before I got a picture of him.

Next week, remember, we meet in Newark at the Round Table Pizza on Thornton at Cedar, in the Newark Square Shopping Center. Don't go to the Hick'ry Pit next Monday -- they will be setting up the meeting room for use as a polling place the following day.

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