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Take Us Out to the Ball Game?

(I've posted a similar message to the BASFA e-mail list.)

I have received a copy of the group-sales package from the San Jose Giants (that's the A-league minor-league affiliate of the team that plays in San Francisco). They have a number of group packages, ranging from groups of 15 for $8 per ticket (general admission) up to their top of the line package, which my department did last year: the VIP Deck, which is an enclosed area next to the visiting team's dugout, right next to the field. This package includes admission, dinner at Turkey Mike's BBQ (rib, chicken, etc., including side dishes and a non-alcoholic beverage), and souvenir programs. The price is $400 for 12 people or $750 for 24. (That's as little as $31.25/person for the large group.)

The SJ Giants play at Municipal Stadium, and the games are a lot of fun. (My department attended a game in the VIP Deck last season.) I'm willing to organize a BASFA group outing if there is sufficient interest. Could people who are interested let me know, and also know if you'd be interested in the cheap seats (tickets only, that is, $8/person); the Baseball & Barbeque (dinner and general admission; $19/person) or the VIP deck ($31-$33/person depending on number participating).
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