Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote in basfa,
Kevin Standlee

Bay Areas Down Under

As many members know, BASFA has a tradition of "annexing" places where lots of BASFA members are apt to congregate, particularly in conjunction with Worldcons, Westercons, and other major conventions. Tonight, BASFA voted to sanction two out-of-the-way meetings as follows:
  • To annex the "Oriental Bay Area" (Wellington NZ) and to hold BASFA meeting number 1047 there next weekend during the NZ Natcon.

  • To annex the "Port Phillp Bay Area" (Melbourne AUS) and to hold BASFA meeting number XXXX there during Aussiecon 4.
Specific times and locations of said meetings are expected to be arranged by BASFA's Treasurer, who is already on his Southern Hemisphere Tour.

BASFA meeting number 1048 will be held at the usual location at Coco's on August 30. meeting 1049 will be at the usual location on September 6.

Until the renovations at Coco's are complete, meetings will continue to start about fifteen minutes early to facilitate getting out by the early closing time of 9 PM.

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